Foreign Trade

The advice on foreign trade that offers our group starts from Market choice sutudies by destination Market of your products, to the legal and regulatory iuses, which are required to comply with for the import or export of goods form or to Mexico. 

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Foreign investment in Mexico is regulated from its conception until its accounting control, in CCG will help you to do all the arrangements and make the necessary 
controls for the proper performance and operation of their investment operations in Mexico.

Accomplishing of Mexican Norms and Laws

In Mexico the International Normative is used like base of his own, but it has his particular requirements by example in Labeling, your products may accomplish the international norms but not to be sold in Mexican markets. Our team of specialist will provide you the assistance and will make the necessary arrangements to introduce your products in the Mexican market.

Trademarks and patents

Registration of its brand and its new products, as well as utility models patents is the guarantee of your property, we help you to preserve and protect it by means of the corresponding registers at the Mexican Institute of Industrial property (IMPI).

Tariff classification

We have experts in the area who ensure the correct tariff classification of your goods.

National and international logistics

A proper planning of your business supply chain can be the difference between a successful and a without number of problems. The identification of areas of opportunity, as well as the implementation of changes and/or improvements in their systems and logistics operation are part of what in GCC will do for you.

Administration, Operation and Control of foreign trade operations

Review subsequent operations of the firm and all the operations of foreign trade documentation, is of vital importance in order to verify the legal import or export of goods, in order to avoid problems and have to regularise the fiscal and customs status of goods, as well as to detect and if possible to take advantage of the various legal schemes available to businesses.

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