Calbert Consulting Group 

Do you want do business with or in Mexico? We offer a broad bunch of services that will help you to reach that goal.

If you want sale your products in Mexico or to Mexican enterprises we make that this things happen, we offer services on Foreign Direct Investment, Market Research, Compliment of the Mexican Norms and Laws, and all that you need to made business with México.

We also provide consultance and advice on the Request, Administration and Operation of Government supporting programs.

Calbert Consulting is integrated by professionals with extensive experience in foreign trade, foreign direct investment, international relations and international logistics.

We offer international logistics services with all the necessary to get your goods to and from the major markets of the world; for this we have a wide network of partners specialized in different areas, products and regions, thus your products always will been in the hands of experts and arrive at their destinations on time.

Our training courses in mexican international trade legislation, logistics, inventory management, tariff classification, among many topics more, are taught by Instructors highly recognized in the industry and provide a theoretical and practical approach that makes the knowledge acquired during courses of immediate application.

Tel: +52 155 5693 8277

WhatsApp: +52 1 55 4137 6916


Georgia 44, Nápoles, Benito Juárez, México D.F., C.P. 03810 

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